How Much is a New Home In Brisbane and South East Queensland?

One of the most frequently-asked questions that home builders in Brisbane are asked is the cost of a new home in Brisbane and South East Queensland – and rightly so. A handful of home building companies go around their clients about this. They set low prices to get them to sign the contract. When the actual building starts, then new costs are added, much to the surprise of the new home owner. It can be frustrating and that’s understandable.

In a Perfect World
Ideally, when you get a home builder quote, the number given to you per square metre should be you actual cost per square metre. Getting a new home built is an expensive investment and what seem like a minimal price shift sums up to a lot.

For instance, a quote of $1,100 per square metre might be fine, as is, if it’s within your budget. But, a slight unexpected variation of $1,250 per square metre is already more than $40,000 over the original estimate for your new home in Brisbane. If you have enough funds lying around, this might be fine. But for most, it’s a headache.

Cheapest Home Builders in Brisbane
For new home owners, the logical option is to look for the cheapest home builders in Brisbane. And maybe this should be enough. But, what happens is not always the ideal.

A lot of the so-called cheapest home builders in Brisbane and South East Queensland are known to give very “rough estimates” just to get clients to sign the contract. The bad side of this is that you end up with very surprised home buyers – who may or may not have extra funds to spare.

Another consideration when choosing home builders in Brisbane solely based on price is that you almost always get what you pay for. Cheap price begets low quality materials and workmanship. And, while your home may work out for you in the meantime, it is not the kind of investment that you want. You can expect your home to deteriorate faster than usual.

Like it or not, there is always a compromise between price and quality. What you need to look for is a home builder in Brisbane that gives you a good balance: an affordable price and good-quality materials and fixtures.

The Ison Homes Guarantee
At Ison Homes, we guarantee top-notch service that provides you with the best options in materials, fixtures, and building professionals. We are upfront about costs and guarantee that the costing we provide you – while it may not be the lowest quote that you get – will be what you end up spending. There are no surprises and no headaches. We do our part in making sure that building a new home in Brisbane and South East Queensland is a good investment and a good experience for you.


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