Home Builder Brisbane

What to Look For in a Brisbane Home Builder

Home Builder BrisbaneIf you are looking to build a home in Brisbane and nearby areas, make sure to deal only with qualified professionals – a Brisbane home builder with the necessary expertise and expertise.

What exactly should you look for? Here are some tips.

License: Of course, your Brisbane home builder should be currently licensed to do the work for you. They will be doing crucial tasks that require expert skills. Else, accidents occur in your construction site and you are left with a home project that may be less secure than ideal.

So, don’t just ask if they are registered builders. Check out their license via www.fairtrading.com.au. Verifying their licenses yourself is the only way to make sure these days.

Quote and costing: Of course, you need to look through your builder’s quote. Apart from determining if it’s within your budget, you also need to see if you were quoted according to the ‘prime cost’ of items. Prime cost quotes mean that the quote is as close as it can get to what you’ll actually spend. Other kinds of quotes that you might see are ‘allowance for,’ ‘estimate only’ and ‘TBA.’ As much as possible, ask for a ‘prime cost’ quote.

Deposit amount: It is really necessary to make an initial deposit before the start of any construction project. This protects your Brisbane home builder, as they too are invested in your home project. However, don’t agree to anything above 10% of the total project cost.

Health and safety compliance: A responsible Brisbane home builder will make sure that they are compliant with prevailing health and safety standards. Non-compliance will not only affect members of their team. It may also cause delays and compromise the integrity of your project.

Building disputes and bankruptcies: These should be red flags when screening your home builder. Bankruptcies imply bad management and unreliability. Building disputes imply questionable workmanship and finished product quality.


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