Tips in Building an Earth-Friendly Home

modern-house-designsAre you all set to build your earth-friendly dream home in Brisbane? Here are tips to get you started.

1. Keep size in mind. Bigger homes requires more to heat or cooling. Thus, it also requires more to make into an energy efficient one.

2. Place non-habitable rooms, such as laundry rooms, garages and bathrooms, to the east and west. Bedrooms should be towards the south. And main living rooms such as dining and living rooms should be to the north.

This is because the west side of your homegets the most sun/heat. It can get uncomfortable during summer. In the same way, bedrooms and living areas are perfect during winter because they are warmed by the morning sun.

3. Increase ceiling insulation to R4 rating. Any heat that hits your roof and ceiling will affect your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. This level of insulation will prevent heat from entering your home.

4. Consider wall cavity insulation for east and west facing walls. These areas are the hottest during summer.

5. Greater window areas for the south easterly side and north side of the home will improve air flow.

6. If your home has a floor made of timber, there can often be large spaces of cold air between the ground and the underside of your floor. The low insulation properties of timber together with possible leakage means that the floor creates a heat sink that takes the heat out of your house. Carpeting and underlay help to provide some insulation. However, to maximise heat retention, underfloor insulation is an effective thermal barrier.

7. Identify areas that can be ‘zoned’ or closed off. Large living areas such as lounges and entertainment areas require a great deal or heating or cooling. If these rooms have large windows or door openings, then these should be closed off with appropriate window covering or internal doors.

8.Think about the color of your external walls. Dark colors retain heat while light colors repel heat.


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